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Good Vibrations

We are creatures of habits that are formed over many years of experiences and emotional reactions to those experiences. When once we loved to ride a horse we no longer do because of a traumatic experience with a particular ride. Change mostly occurs when we reach the precipice of our experience and it is something we don't like anymore. When all else has failed and we have reached the bottom of our ladder. We only change when we think we have tried everything to stay in the same comfortable routine but it still doesn't work. That is human nature and it is perfectly fitted to who we are as players in the wonderful game of life. I recently experienced that effect when after trying pretty much everything to please the system in which I work I discovered that they were looking for something other than what I was giving. After I knew what they wanted it was easy to adapt. As educators we are stuck in a system that often doesn't care what we think. They will ask us to go to committee meetings and give our opinion only to do what they think is right. I understand the dilemma that the government and administration face, however the grunt on the ground, the teacher, is left to hold every responsibility bag.

Well here is the good news you are the master of your reality. No matter what the people above you say, if you are doing what you think is right, then keep doing it. We spend a considerable amount of time building bridges and relationships with people and I think that is the most important skill we can give students. Take all the negative that any parent, student, or administrator says to you and consider the source. You can let them know what you think or not, that is not important. What is important is that you believe in what you are doing. We all get into education to make a difference in the world and you do every day even if other. tell you that you are not. Good feelings are created in the classroom when you give a student a high five, smile at a coworker, or say, "Thank you," as you pass the office staff. That can't be measured in a test. You can change the situation you are in with a little effort and a lot of focus to the things you value.

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