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About Me

Craig Archer - President


I have been on a mission for many years. Education has been in my blood my entire life. I started my journey into an educational career a little late but that benefited me immensely with increased wisdom. Once I completed my degree in K-8 Education, I was immediately hired as a middle school science teacher in an underprivileged school in the St. Paul Public School District. I worked in and out of many schools on my journey as I was increasing my own education and improving my teaching and behavioral management skills. Between 1985 and 1995 I completed my Masters in Counseling but only worked in that field for a short time due to our district’s cut backs counseling services to the schools. I went back into the classroom but was only there for a short time when I made a geographic change to Arizona. At that time I changed my career and started working with Elementary age children in another district that had many children with special needs. In the 10 + years I worked with the Washington School District I continued with my education and increased my behavioral management skills. I earned my certificate as a principal and achieved National Board Certification. That brings us up to the present in my educational life but there were a myriad of workshops, life experiences, and activities that have influenced my philosophy and perspective and have led me to the most current stage of my life which is consulting in the educational field. This avenue gives me an opportunity to spread my influence on how to deal with behavior in the classroom in a proactive way. The methods and ideas that I have experienced have changed my life and can change yours as well. I have experienced peace, joy, and serenity in the classroom using tried and true methods for behavioral management.  You can too.

Common Themes

4 Common Misperceptions


There are 4 common misperceptions that many teachers and administrators engage in when dealing with students and parents.


  • You can control others.

  • Dealing with behavior is difficult.

  • One size fits all and consequences should be enforced the same for everyone.

  • Not everyone can be reached.


6 Easy Strategies to Create a Great Day


There are also 6 easy strategies to win any parent or student over to your side so that you can move forward with teaching and learning.


  • Be polite and say please and thank you frequently.

  • Smile

  • Be positive and approach your own life the same way.

  • Communicate constantly and honestly.

  • Be consistent.

  • Say you are sorry when you make a mistake.


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