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Proactive Behavioral Strategies

What You Get

Proactive Behavioral Specialists will bring into your school the world’s leading expert and give your staff the tools necessary to proactively manage behaviors. The ideas and activities presented will allow all your teachers to free up instructional time and improve student academics. Often times teachers get sidetracked by behavior and that takes away from instructional time. Teachers will spend less time fighting the students and parents and more time enjoying their chosen profession. This provides more time for the teacher to teach and the students to learn. The administration will have less student referrals. Administration will also have more time to interact with the students with difficulties in a positive and proactive manner.


Everyone who is touched by any part of the presentation and provided literature will learn skills and techniques to incorporate into their classroom immediately. All your staff will find that there will be immediate and long lasting results when applying these strategies. There are a variety of pamphlets and activities that will be given to every teacher. Everyone who attends will come away from the experience with the tools to make their classroom more effective not only in academics but also in improved behavior and student self-esteem. Each person in your staff will become a more effective behavioral management professional and they will also learn techniques and skills to improve their personal lives as well. Any professional development provided and associated literature presented will not only improve student achievement and test scores but also enrich the personal lives of everyone who attends.


Seminars are arranged by your perceived need. We provide one on one consultation, 2 hour presentations, half day seminars, full day workshops, and extended workshops designed for your needs. All seminars come with a full list of activities that you can use in the classroom, texts, books, and self help information. If you are interested in Proactive Behavioral Management Strategies and want a presenter to come to your school contact me through this website on the contact page or call, text, or message me at 602-488-4858. You can also email me at



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