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Foundations for Improvement

Community – Members of community including all stakeholders like coworkers, employees, employers. neighbors, friends, family, and aquaintences all are a part of our journey into success and fulfillment. 

Consistency – Habits, focus, and persistency are necessary elements to make any significant change in your life. Any behavioral changes you make to improve your life are cemented with consitent'y using positive strategies from my self help book and other forms of media.

Communication – Relationships and positive behavior are created through effective communication with other people. This includes everyone you deal with in your professional and personal life. Dialogue is important in building an atmosphere of trust and love.

Education – Schools, experience, books, and media provide a valuable service to instruct important skills and lessons. What you learn from books and expeience help to navigate the path of life. When we provide methods to fully utilize tour personal experience we increase value in the areas of health, wealth, intelligence, and prosperity.

About Me

Craig Archer

Success Starts Here

Your success hinges on many variables. Knowledge, persistence, attitude, purpose, preparation, and adaptability are all important characteristics for everyone to consider when living life and planning your future. You address those elements when you travel the road towards success and happiness. Your jouney starts here with the information and learning you expeience within my book and experties I bring as an educator, counselor, and author of life. The self help book 202 Affirmations of Life will give you the foundational elements to achieve any level of success in any area you pursue. 

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